About Us



We love being outdoors in the beautiful Florida weather.  After noticing a scarcity of kites particularly on the beach, we set out to bring kiting back to the area.


We often head to Fort Lauderdale beach, as the winds are typically perfect strength and continuous.  Public parks are also on our to-do list.  Some places have restrictions on kiting, and we also try to be mindful of crowds and/or other events in the area.  We are certainly open to suggestions, as you can never have too many options when the weather is right!


All ages are welcome. We fly traditional single-line kites (best for younger children and beginners), as well as dual- and quad-line kites. Never heard of those? Check out the videos below!

Bring your own kites if you have them. If you don’t, we usually have a few to loan so everyone can join in the fun.


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